Monday, December 3, 2007

Dinner Review

Last night, I met my family in Renaissance Hotel (formerly New World Hotel) for a dinner. My Tito Chito from arrived from the US together with his wife, Tita Susan. We had dinner at the Emperor Court at he said hotel.

When we entered the restaurant, there was no receptionist. We had to stand for about 3 minutes before a food attendant escorted us to our table. When everyone was seated, menu catalogs were given to us. Tita Susan suggested we try the Dimsum Festival eat all you can. We checked all the dimsum we wanted. After a few minutes of having your heart set, we were informed that some dimsum were no longer available and that upset my Tito a little.

The very first that was served was the rice, noodles and some sort of noodles with beef strips. I was expecting for the drinks to be served first but they never asked us what we wanted to drink until we told them so. The soup was only served in the middle of our course. The sauce were not served until I asked. We kept changing our orders because the waiter kept coming back to inform us that there were no this and that anymore.

Finally, Tito was already pissed and decided to asked for the manager who was not around. He talked to the captain waiter instead. I also did my peice. I was not happy with how the service was going. Tito asked how could they ran out of stock when they running an eat all you can dinner. They were suppose to prepare more than enough when it is eat all you can. She kept apologizing and gave us some complimentary something. I didnt really understand what she was saying. I couldnt even remember what she gave us since our table was loaded with food. Literally, there was no space for another plate. Anyhow, my tito was quite satisfied with the compensation and he even thanked her for the fair treatment.

Perhaps, if my Tito was not a long staying guest in the hotel, we would have not treated the same. Who knows?

The food was great but no no for me on the service we got. I worked for a 5star hotel before so I know how sensitive a customer can get especially if you will be paying a hefty sum for the service charge.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Allergic Huwatt???

I never knew until last week that I was allergic to strong scents. Whenever I got a runny nose, I would thought of it as a cold. Not until last week, I woke with the smell of the apple scented air freshener with a congested nose. It was getting worst day after day. Watery itchy eyes, congested and runny nose to name a few. What made it worst was yesterday, the maintenance guy was fixing the carpet tiles and was using a glue to stick them on the floor. The glue was just too much to handle and today I'm in hell!

Let me add. Riding the train at 7pm with all the sweaty guys...You would just want to swear!

Now, where's my pill?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Random Thoughts

Tomorrow is my off from work but I already have an itenerary. We are to see a repro endocrinologist for my thyroid in the mornig. After that, I gotta go to PNB to pay for my modules, then go straight to UP get the modules. After those, I should go to RCBC to apply for a replacement ATM. Payday is a week away, i dont want to miss my pay for sure.

Now what worries me is the long wait at the doctor's office. I heard that she is pretty popular and she's got lots of patients. Hubby is not so nice with waiting. Anyway, magkukulitan na lang kami like what we always do to keep ourselves from boredom.

Sometimes what's nice about not having a child around is that you get to spend a lot of time with your hubby together. Walang baby na kelangan i attend. We can always go anywhere and anytime. Before I got married I said to myself that I want to enjoy my life with my hubby alone for at least 2 years then saka na kami magbaby after 2 years at it looks like it is happening.
Im just hoping that the baby comes na next year. Our long awaited baby.

Pipay's puppies

Apparently, out of four puppies, pipay has a girl. they are so cute! She still is feeling weak after giving birth but I was really glad that I saw her stood up when she saw me last night. It was the first time I saw her standing up since Saturday.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Pipay at wewantdoggies!!!!

Last Saturday, my pretty baby doggy gave birth to 4 bouncing puppies. She decided to deliver her puppies under our nipa hut which makes it difficult for me to take photos of them; I don’t know how many boys or girls there are. What I did see was there were 2 black and 2 brown puppies! Yipee! My baby is now officially a mommy.

Photos soon….

Friday, November 2, 2007

Official Chef

Yesterday was mas MIL's bday. Walang cook kaya I was left with no choice. I had to be absent from which was really sayang because it was a holiday. In my menu were the all time favorite Kare Kare, spaghetti ala Ivy and crispy fried chicken.

The Kare Kare was a sold out. I used a very tasty bagoong with it. As usual, they also loved my spag although maraming natira kasi buffer lang naman ang spaghetti. I did not quite like my fried chicken pero pwede na rin para sa mga nalasing kagabi.

Organizing the party was not easy for me lalo na my maid had to go home sa kanila kasi birthday din ng dad nia. Kaya thanks to my super sipag na sis in law, she helped me preparing the ingredients. Our Tito Zaldy did the barbecue. My amazing hubby did the logistics.

By the way, I had to blog ang blag what my hubby did for me yesterday morning. He surprised with me with a breakfast in bed. He did the cooking kasi kami lang dalawa sa house. He woke up early to clean the garage at siguro naisipan na magprepare ng breakfast for us for a change. Hayy ang sweet ng hubby ko kahit makulet sia.

Going back to the party, natapos na sia around 4 am. Siempre ligpit ligpit pa. Overall, it went well naman and my mother in law was the happiest.

Thank you Lord for making everthing possible.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Glorietta Blast Victims

I want to dedicate this day to all the victims of the blast last Friday.

May you all find eternal peace.